Today my legs are quite stiff
And boy, my laundry sure smells
(Trust me, don’t take a whiff)
Not to mention, I’m all out of gels.

Another 18 in the books
With nothing at all to report
Except some sideways looks:
Are my running shorts too short?

I assumed I was being polite
After all, I was wearing a shirt!
My shorts, while short, weren’t tight
And yet, my feelings got hurt.

“Oh why, oh why do you laugh,
And giggle, tee-hee, and leer?
This ain’t no fashion gaffe,
I’m… hey, my eyes are up here!”

“Short shorts are appropriate attire,”
I did condescendingly explain,
“Which don’t deserve your ire,
your mockery, nor your disdain.”

I only fought back in my head
And pretended not to notice their looks.
Anyway, my legs feel like lead
Another 18 in the books.


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